About ‘The Soul Illuminated’

The soul is our peaceful Soul-Illuminatedinner core of love and wellbeing. Without knowledge of this inner self, we can think and act in ways that destroy our inner peace and make our lives,
and the lives of those we love, difficult and heartbreaking.


By learning how to connect with and understand the true self, the soul, we can alter the course of our lives. The Soul Illuminated is the soul awakened to it’s own essence.
The book discusses the obstacles we may encounter on our spiritual path, such as spiritual allergies and addictions and ways of healing these.


Also explained are spiritual practices and ways to unlock our spiritual powers. Learn about the soul’s power to transform not only ourselves, but also the world around us.


Judith Pemell recounts her own spiritual journey and powerful examples of others on the spiritual path, alerting us to the signs of spiritual awakening.


Judith’s book describes in detail the anatomy of the soul and it’s functions The book also explains:


aumHow to tune into the soul and our higher powers

aumHow the soul ensures our integrity or moral centre

aumHow an understanding of karma and reincarnation,can help us to free ourselves from the past and create a better future.


“Judith’s writing is exceptionally subtle yet also highly accessible and genuinely moving.She is not asking for agreement with her thoughts but for each reader to consider freshly their own unique relationship with soul and God.”
Stephanie Dowrick, author of ‘Choosing Happiness: Life & Soul Essentials’


“Full of humour and wisdom, The Soul Illuminated is a book you will find hard to put down.
Judi’s story of her own spiritual journey is told with great honesty and compassion.
She expresses a deep understanding of addictions and how to overcome them, step by step.
I found Judi’s writing on spiritual communities to be most insightful. No words can do this book justice, you must read it for yourself.”

 Sally Segal, Co-ordinator of the Centre for Spiritual Learning, Blue Mountains, Australia


“Filled with compelling insight, The Soul Illuminated takes you further than the personal experiences, further than the analyst’s objectivity, and all the way to the soul of the matter.”

 Paul Wilson, author of ‘The Quiet’ and ‘Little Book of Calm’


“After 23 years on the spiritual path this book inspired me to look at my own life and revisit my spiritual journey. The honesty with which Judi writes of her personal experiences and the deep emotional choices she made really touched my heart.”

 Nerida McDonald, Meditator


“Voted one of the ten most highly recommended books for people in recovery from addictions.”

 Recovery website, USA

A revised edition of ‘THE Soul Illuminated’ is published by O-Books and is available in bookshops throughout the English Speaking world.
Print copies can also be ordered through Amazon, Click Here