About ‘Transition 7 Steps to Surviving Life Crisis’…


Change is the basis of our existence, it is not possible to control life – we all have to cope with crisis and adapt to our changing circumstances.

Life challenges us in many ways; a problem we all face is dealing with transition and change.

Many people who face transition feel overwhelmed.

Mid life crisis, burn-out and destructive habits are signs that the energy of transition is blocked.

By addressing the underlying causes of life crisis we can transform our lives.

TRANSITION sets out the seven steps we need to take to deal with life crisis effectively. By following these seven simple principles we can:

aumQuickly identify and shift blocked energy

aumTransform the patterns that sabotage our wellbeing and happiness

aumAwaken the insight that lies within us

aumDevelop greater resilience and inner strength

aumLead a more authentic and spiritually attuned life

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“Whether you are navigating your own life transitions or seeking to understand and assist another person through theirs, take this book and the wisdom contained within, as your guide.Concepts around the blockage and ultimately restoring life flow or energy are clearly articulated and enhanced with case studies.”Transition – 7 Steps”  can be used both as a  mirror for self reflection and also to deepen understanding of profound yet simple truths.”

Dr Barbara Hannon, Rehabilitation Physician, Melbourne


“This book is a witness of the time. Judith Pemell reflects clearly the difficulties people have to face in these challenging days and how to deal with immense change.
The clarity with which she approaches her clients’ transitions, the patience and endurance she reveals dealing with the belief systems, blockages, habits and addictions they present, is evident of a gentle persistence based on deep inner wisdom. It is a great guide for anyone seeking to understand their own transition processes, or who work with people seeking their true selves – who are not afraid to look deeply.”

Conny Dietzschold, Director, Conny Dietzschold Gallery, East Sydney Meditation Space


“I first read Transition just days before my doctor told me I had cancer.
I remember the shock, feeling propelled into a sudden transition. This news meant I would have to leave my job, and the breaking of that attachment was painful and distressing. I didn’t realise how much power my job had over me.
Initially I felt panic as I was forced to take a searching look at myself, a step that led to the imperative of breaking old habits. This was the beginning of my transitional journey. It meant I had to let go and surrender to uncertainty, trust the Doctors, and jump into the abyss.
Soon it became clear why this disease had come to me, and what I had to do was outlined step by step in Judi’s book – now my guide!!
Over many years I had coped with stress and the effects of working with very difficult people, by playing the ‘tension absorber’ – to keep things running smoothly. Imbalance in my work/ spiritual life was literally eating me alive! I needed a big wake up.
Star Trek is a show I enjoy and there are some dark characters, the Borg, in the series, who assimilate any being they encounter. Their greeting is ‘Resistance is futile’, and the similarity with my situation could not evade me – as I entered an unknown that I must leap into.The final chapter in Transition, on Reflection – The Mirror, explains the benefit in everything – even a life threatening illness. Without experiencing this process for myself, I would still be struggling to release what my disease was telling me to let go of.
Read this book with honesty and look in the mirror long and openly. Laugh, cry and enjoy!! These 7 simple steps will reveal your true self,someone incredible.
Thank you Judi, for sharing your wisdom and experiences.”

Nerida MacDonald, Meditator, Manager, Health Service, Sydney