image001Judith was born in Perth and grew up in Sydney. She attended Meriden School and later studied Journalism, working as a cadet journalist on country newspapers, until an interest in film production led her into film editing. In her early twenties she sailed to England and quickly ‘fell into’ the live theatre, working all over the British Isles and Scotland in technical production – initially as a Stage Manager with touring productions and repertory theatre – eventually returning to London to work on West End productions. After many wonderful years in the British theatre she returned to Australia briefly, working for several companies in Sydney and Melbourne until heading for America in the late seventies. Settling in California, she worked in theatre, film and television in Hollywood.

In 1984, whilst making a horror movie for Universal Pictures, she began meditating. The spiritual awakening that followed was a life transforming experience, and the beginning of a long affiliation with a world peace organisation based in Mt Abu, Rajasthan, in India. Toward the end of the 80s Judith returned to Australia and taught at NIDA before transitioning into a change of career in psychotherapy.

She is an accomplished psychotherapist and author of several books. Judith works all over Australia, as well as overseas from time to time. She travels, reads, maintains a love for and an active professional interest in the worlds of writing, theatre, film and the arts, and leads a very active personal and professional life.