Meditation Commentaries

Immortal-MemoryImmortal Memory is a CD of meditation commentaries which have emerged organically from years of collaboration between Judith and musicians: Christine & Joseph Jarczewski, and Louise Bell.


Their ‘Bereavement & Loss’ workshops have given rise to ‘The Four Candle Meditation’ which gently guides the listener through the process of grieving.


Original music for the commentaries is haunting and gentle, and drawn from a number of Eastern and Western traditions.


The musicians use mostly acoustic instruments, in an exquisite and sensitive musical collaboration. We hope you will find enjoyment and relaxation in the five other meditations as well, reflecting on the feelings and experiences of the spiritual journey that bring the soul into the subtle and beautiful connection of meditation.


The ‘Immortal Memory’ CD can be purchased here or from ‘Phoenix Rising’ bookstore, Glebe Or ‘Equilibrium’ in Bowral


“Through the Four-Candle Meditation and its companion booklet,
Judi Pemell has succeeded in bringing a genuine spiritual dimension to the healing process of grief-recovery.
This CD achieves a rare, subtle and intricate balance that is essential to healing.Gently guided commentaries progressively acknowledge and recognise the deep pain that we suffer in loss, then take us to a place where letting go and wholeness become
Deep within our feelings we find that we can honour the memories yet feel liberated from the sorrow and guilt that they contain, until finally we are happy in the knowledge that all separation is temporary and that love shared is eternal.
I thoroughly recommend this powerful CD and its companion
booklet for personal use or as an adjunct to grief therapy enabling the therapist to harness the power of spiritual awareness where the
therapeutic relationship allows this.”
Dr Roger Cole,
FRACP. Oncologist and Palliative Care Specialist.