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Introducing My New Book

Transition: 7 Steps to Surviving Life Crisis
by Judith Pemell


Transition-medUnderstanding what energy and consciousness are, and how they form the basis of existence, is the starting point of ‘Transition’.


            Things are never the way we think they are meant to be, they are only the way they are. Becoming attached to how we want things to be blocks energy, but when we let go of what ‘should be’ and accept what is, we can choose a response. Acceptance of things as they are frees up blockage in any situation, enabling a free flow of energy.


            Trying to manipulate outcomes or force situations to go in a particular direction always blocks energy.  We need to allow the various energies and forces at work to flow in whatever direction they are flowing, and literally get out of the way. When we get out of the way higher forces are able to enter our situation. We are not able see the bigger picture nor understand wider and greater outcomes which may occur years ahead, so there is a need to develop radical trust in energy as well as acceptance. Things will always work out the way they a meant to, it can be no other way.


            ‘Transition’ is a book that unfolds bringing the reader into the truth, into the now, and into the light of understanding and acceptance – where we tap into our innate power.